Teacher Training

Our teacher training is designed to share positive mindfulness and mindset knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, approaches, methodologies and skills which may be be required, to effectively embed the superpowers that we teach in the classroom, school, and wider community.
— Tessa Hawes, Founder MiniMe Mindfulness®

Teacher Training is available both online or in person - and the format depends on the courses that we are supporting and delivering within the school.

Online - teacher training webinar via Zoom - at the beginning of each half term.

Guiding teachers through the lessons coming up in the MiniMe Mindfulness® Online 'One Click' lessons that half term. An overview of the topics, lesson content, resources and delivery. Including outcomes and suggested variations for EYFS, KS1 and KS2. We also respond to questions sent in by Teachers in advance of the call / posted online during the LIVE Q&A.

A recording of the Zoom meeting will be forwarded to the school within 12 hours of the training to forward on to all staff.

In person - during our face to face sessions, the teachers sit in on the lessons so that they can soak up the information, see how the children respond and duplicate the language, actions and skills within the classroom. We also offer in person training at the start of each half term (or period as agreed) informing of the programme of lessons that are set to be taught. We can also provide a platform for feedback ‘mid or post’ course to consider outcomes and shape future sessions.

We will always highlight upcoming national events (I.e. Mental Health Awareness days, Loneliness Awareness Week etc....) and support the school/teachers/children to raise awareness, offer guidance and content.

Training costs are dependent upon courses booked and are subject to availability.

Positive Mindfulness & Mindset Practice for Teachers

Positive Mental Health Practice for Teachers - Personal Growth and Continued Professional Development.

VIP Access, including LIVE daily coaching sessions (Monday - Friday)

£15 per month or £150 per annum per person. Click below for a FREE trial.

FREE VIP Access for ALL teachers of schools that invest in 1 term or more of our MiniMe Mindfulness® in-person courses (min £2,000 per term).

Feeling overwhelmed, on the edge of burnout, have a desire to support your own mental health and that of your students - but unsure how?

We encourage all teachers to adopt a daily positive mindfulness and mindset routine, working on ‘you’ before you set off on your day to inspire, teach and support others. Building yourself up from within to ensure that you are the best leader, teacher, colleague, friend, parent and person that you can be.

As teachers you ‘give’ so much of yourself everyday - and life can get hectic, you can become exhausted and this can negatively impact on the way that you respond to situations.

Our Founder, Tessa, hosts a FREE App ‘Boss Your Morning®’ which can be download from the App stores. It sets out the ‘Boss Your Morning® Hacks’ which are the foundations for the Mindfulness and Mindset techniques that we teach children through MiniMe Mindfulness® sessions in a fun and innovative way.

We highly recommend that every teacher is encouraged to download the app to increase knowledge in these subjects PLUS if you want to practice techniques for your own personal health and mental wellbeing you can enjoy a daily mindfulness and mindset session via the App.


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