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School Portal: ‘One Click’ Lessons for Schools

Positive Mindfulness, Mindset Techniques & Resources (3 Terms)

Delivering all 3 courses across the academic year makes for a complete solution for Primary schools. Ensuring consistency of teaching and no meeting prep. Partnering with experts that may help children to reduce stress, worry and anxiety and enhance inner calm and happiness by increasing self awareness of thoughts feelings and emotions with the Mindfulness and Mindset Techniques that will be taught. Engagement through our ‘Coaching for Kids by Kids’ can increase engagement by Peer Mentoring.

Combining Mindfulness and Mindset techniques with MiniMe Mindfulness® builds valuable internal superpowers which could last a lifetime.

Each lesson is structured in the same way:

• Learning Objective

• In today's lesson we will be.......

• 'One Click' Video Lessons

• Additional Resources - hand outs/worksheets.

• Learning Outcomes

We also host a half termly 40 minute Zoom webinar for all teachers to attend. 30 minutes articulating ‘What is coming up’ that month in the online ‘one click lessons’ plus 10 Minutes Q&A (questions submitted in advance).

Providing ongoing support to schools engaging in our online courses.

MiniMe Mindfulness Mindfulness & Mindset 'One Click' Lessons for Schools - 3 Terms

Yearly -> £900.00 ||| Monthly -> £99.00

A full academic year - Mindfulness and Mindset Techniques ‘One Click’ Lessons. Plus Mindfulness and Mindset Activity based lesson plans and resources, including worksheets, activity sheets and guided meditations. Log in details to be shared with the staff of the registering school only. Academy trusts must purchase individual access for each school. A 25% discount is applied for schools paying via annual subscription. Can be cancelled prior to renewal. Non refundable.

School Portal: ‘One Click’ Lessons for Schools

The MiniMe Mindfulness® Parent Portal


One Time


Learning how to live in the present moment can reduce stress and anxiety.

A Mindfulness course delivered by our 8 year old Mindset Mentor, Oscar via our online ‘one click’ lessons. The lessons include an introduction to MiniMe Mindfulness® and Guided Meditation. Our sessions include teachings on; Senses, Body & Breath, Emotions, How Our Brains Work, Being with Unhelpful Emotions, Focus, Respecting Others, Our Happy Place, Thoughts and Feelings and so much more!

Mindset Techniques.

Understanding feelings, recognising emotions and responding appropriately can significantly increase confidence, inner calm and happiness.

A Mindset Techniques course delivered by our 8 year old Mindset Mentor, Oscar via our online ‘one click’ lessons.

Mindset subjects covered include; Gratitude, Affirmations, Body Language, Building Internal Superpowers, Visualisation & Memory, Creating our Vision; Why & How Visualisation & Affirmations Work; Taking Action & Building Courage, Success & Growth Mindset and so much more.

A complete solution for parents looking to teach Mindfulness and Mindset Techniques in a fun and innovative way. Lessons are taught by Mindset Mentor Oscar, age 8 in the MiniMe Mindfulness® Coaching 4 Kids by Kids programme. 20 minute weekly lessons with home practice to span the whole academic year. This Membership is purchased for private use only within a home and access/content must not be shared. MiniMe Mindfulness® reserves the right to remove access if confidentiality is breached.

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