“Claire from MiniMe Mindfulness has been working with our students at Windsor Park Middle School for several weeks. Her sessions are always engaging, thought provoking and fun! Our students tell us that they make a real difference, helping them to recognise their emotions and regulate their responses.

We have noticed how the children have gained confidence and become more self-aware – helping them to engage in their learning across the school with gusto.
Some students who were reluctant to contribute to class discussions are now brave enough to give it a go and are blossoming as a result.

A key consequences for some of our students who need a little extra support has been a reduction in emotions, such as anxiety, as they now have strategies in place to help them process these feelings and deal with them effectively.

We are very pleased to have Claire working with our school and our students.”

Jodie Bailey - Deputy Head - Windsor Park Middle School Uttoxeter.

“MiniMe Mindfulness provided the pupils of Park Junior with the opportunity to really think about and focus in on themselves. They learnt the importance of this in developing and maintaining their wellbeing and in being able to help others. The sessions were a perfect combination or fact, practical activities and thought. Children were able to relax and be fully themselves. Kim’s ability to develop relationships with the children meant that they quickly built up the necessary level of trust.

Over the course of the sessions, children were able to develop strategies for self-care and self-awareness. More importantly though, they were facilitated in working on and improving their ever fragile self-belief. We now have even more resilient children who demonstrate their perseverance and positivity. I would highly recommend these sessions to other schools.”

Mr David Tebbutt - Head Teacher - Park Junior School, Wellingborough

"When presenting details of MiniMe Mindfulness®, the feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive and they are all now both excited and feeling empowered to deliver a better quality mindfulness experience for our children."

“I am so pleased that we have been able to use MiniMe Mindfulness this year and that we will continue to do so going forward. The online course and after school clubs have been a fantastic addition to what we do at the School and I am really looking forward to seeing how we develop with it going forward.”

Mr Matthew Clarke - Head - St Cedds School, Chelmsford

“We pride ourselves on becoming part of the school team, supporting teachers and helping students to thrive.

Teaching positive mindfulness and mindset techniques in a fun and innovative way, so that children arrive with a smile and leave with a new super power that they can use straight away.

The ‘success’ measure is in the feedback from the schools, teachers and students.””

— Tessa Hawes - Founder & CEO - MiniMe Mindfulness®

Daniella du Preez, Operations Director and SENCO

Little Faces Childcare Ltd - Chelmsford

"We love the power of Tessa’s minime mindfulness sessions. The children are learning to explore their emotions and finding ways to channel their superpowers to understand and deal with how they might be feeling. My favourite part of today’s session was how children learnt to lift their crowns when they might be feeling sad. Tessa really creates a fun and unique way for children to understand how they are feeling. The positivity from each session leaves the children (&Staff!) feeling inspired and motivated to be the best versions of themselves. The children thoroughly enjoy meditating during their sessions and hearing about the feel good fox and the happy bunny. We love to hear Annie & Oscar’s voice as the story is told. We have seen the children really take on board the valuable skills they are learning each session. We can’t wait for our sessions to start back in the new term!”.

Reviews of our curriculum courses from teachers

Ms Hartshorne - Year 1 Teacher - Richards Clarke First School, Abbotts Bromley

“Claire was so lovely with the children. The children instantly took to her and responded to her calm voice and sunny personality.

The children put their hands up and waited to be picked to answer questions. They were at ease with a new person in the room and were positive in their responses. They all said they really loved their session. Thank you Claire!”

Year 5 Teacher

"Everyone has benefitted from a better focus and strategies to help ourselves. There was a good combination of listening, calm and movement.

The lessons were perfect and children were able to ask questions if needed.

I believe that it is VERY important to include mindfulness and mindset techniques in the curriculum.”

Year 5 Teacher

“The classes have been very beneficial for the children.

The group meditation set the mood and made for a calming atmosphere. The music encouraged the children to get up and move around.

The children were able to follow the lessons, implement and recall what they had been learning.

After so much disruption over the last 2 years to children’s learning and mental health - these lessons are very important. The peer mentoring helps children to feel comfortable about sharing ideas and helping each other to learn.”

Year 5 Teacehr

“It has been very beneficial to have someone else take the class to develop our own in house mindfulness sessions (CPD).

The children have enjoyed and looked forward to the sessions. Kim (our mindset mentor) was really engaging and the children really warmed to her and were relaxed in her presence.”

Year 6 Teacehr

“MiniMe Mindfulness have given the children some useful strategies and techniques to use.

It has been useful as a teacher to observe children’s responses. A good variety of different resources, activities and styles of delivery.

All sessions and activities were clearly explained, a good pace and amount of activities.

These lessons are so important, especially with the effects/impact from the remote learning over the past few years. Very enjoyable.”

What kids are saying, about our courses in schools led by our Mindset Mentors...

Parent Reviews

Parent of 5 year old boy, at a Chelmsford School After School Club with Mindset Mentor Nicola Tookey:

“The club has helped my son address his emotions. We were amazed at a coping mechanism he used when he had gotten frustrated and angry to which he said he had learned at MiniMe Mindfulness. He had removed himself from the situatuon, and took deep breaths in and out and came back with a positive attitude.”

Parent of a 9 year old girl at an After School Community Class:

I am absolutely delighted that after attending MiniMe Mindfulness® classes, my daughter has had the courage and confidence to enrol in other activities at school.

Parent reviews of the MiniMe Mindfulness® Journal…….

“Alice 9, Polly 8 and Moses 7 LOVE their journals!

Brilliant idea, brilliantly executed and a beautiful journal for little ones to treasure forever! 🌈

Would definitely recommend!” — Laura Darby Page

“The concept and information in this book is just amazing. Easy to read for the kids and plenty of pages for them to write down their gratitude. Thank you, GREAT book. Definitely recommend.” — Dawn Lewis

“My 11yr and 8yr old has loved following mini me mindfulness on their Facebook live lessons and now have a great journal to help them to stay positive and reach their life goals.” — Damien Nurse

“I ordered the MiniMe Mindfulness® Journal for my 3 year old grandson. We started it yesterday morning and he loved it and visibly calmed down before my eyes. He kept wanting to watch Oscar too. In the afternoon he wanted to do it again but this time for his one year old sister! I was amazed at how perceptive he is. We had a lovely day which sometimes can be a battle of wills. His Mum said she’ll keep it up with him as well. Big thanks and love to you, Oscar and Annie.” — Sue Suthers

Franchisee Reviews...

I was looking for a new challenge, something which offered more flexibility for me and my family. I met Tessa through a broker and she was offering exactly what I was looking for in a franchiser. Upbeat, personable, approachable and no question is too big or small. Setting up my own business has been a complete step away from my usual comfort zone, having spent the last two decades teaching. I wanted to ask other franchisees about their experiences before taking the plunge and they were really helpful, which made me more convinced to make this decision.

Tessa has thought of everything. She has helped make the transition from employee to self-employed seem easy. Setting up your own franchise area and building your own business is a big step but Tessa has helped take a lot of the unknowns out of the equation.

The quality of the resources, lesson plans and equipment is all excellent. I love what MiniMe Mindfulness stands for and what it is empowering children to be able to do. The wider our concepts spread the better for our society as a whole and I am proud to be part of the spread.

Claire Rushton-Plant

Franchise Owner, MiniMe Mindfulness® Staffordshire

Investing in MiniMe Mindfulness®️ has not just been a fantastic business decision, but it has been an incredible experience that continues to inspire me everyday.

Tessa is hands on, efficient, supportive, heart- led, and an incredible business mentor & founder of our MiniMe Mindfulness ®️ brand. Every step of the journey I have felt totally supported & an integral part of the MiniMe family & growth.

I have now had my franchise for 2 years, and my passion and belief for the company has never been so strong.

Seeing the developments of what is needed to support children in education, the health system, & the future of wellbeing sits us in the core of these demands. I feel very proud of my achievements so far, the children, schools, nurseries & families I have coached.

As a mum of two young children I also feel extremely grateful to be able to use these skills at home. The training & knowledge I have gained from our daily practices not only help me grow professionally but also to become a better parent, & grounded human being from the inside out.

Kim Mallows

Franchise Owner, MiniMe Mindfulness® Northamptonshire

Having worked as a MiniMe Mindfulness mindset mentor for over one year, I hands on, began to witness the impact that the business concept had on the children. I truly was blown away, seeing children's confidence grow, their self-awareness, and their self-belief, for me, the next step was to become a Franchise owner.

Tessa's hands-on approach from the very beginning of becoming a business owner has been invaluable.
As a heart led business creator and visionary, all aspects of owning a Franchise have been covered.
Any question will be answered by Tessa and Tessa has thought of everything.

I was looking for a lifestyle change, this change has happened and I feel extremely driven and proud to be a part of this Franchise family.

Quality relationships are the key to success in business. Trust and communication are key, all of which are offered with MiniMe Mindfulness.

Nicola Tookey

Franchise Owner, MiniMe Mindfulness® Essex - Billericay, Brentwood, Shenfield & Ingatestone

Abbey Hartshorne-Abbott

Franchise Owner, MiniMe Mindfulness® Essex - Braintree to Colchester & Surrounding Areas

Some things do not happen by luck! I came across MiniMe Mindfulness when they started teaching at the school I work in. It was perfectly timed as I was looking for more purpose in my life and a new challenge.

Tessa is a heart-led owner and her passion for helping others is contagious! Although I had reservations about becoming self-employed, the process was so simple because everything is set up and easy to follow. Tessa has been a wonderful mentor, supporting at each step of the process.

Alongside this step-by-step coaching, I have enjoyed my daily access to Boss Your Morning and other training which has deepened my business and personal development.

Joining MiniMe Mindfulness has helped me to find the courage to come out of my comfort zone and I have learnt so much about myself and what I can achieve; setting and reaching business goals that I would never think possible.

Most importantly, teaching the lessons to children is a really fulfilling job. It’s so lovely to hear feedback from the children, parents, schools and nurseries about the positive difference we are making to children’s well-being.

The MiniMe Mindfulness team are my new work family. We have a great support network; there is always a caring, listening ear and wise words of advice from a team with a wealth of experience.

I joined MiniMe Mindfulness by following my gut instinct and I feel it is one of the best pivotal decisions I have ever made!

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