A Complete Mindfulness & Mindset Solution

for Primary Schools & Nurseries

Helping Pre & Primary School Children

Helping children to understand the benefits of mindfulness and mindset techniques has always been important. In today’s changing and challenging world it is imperative that these subjects are high on the agenda for all schools.

A child’s emotional blueprint is formed by the age of 7 and after that we need to ‘undo’ and ‘rebuild’ to ensure that children have the knowledge, understanding and skills to build strong internal systems - their ‘superpowers’.

The MiniMe Mindfulness® Lessons aims to help children build resilience, confidence, encouraging open communication, increasing happiness and excitement for the future with gratitude, affirmations, visualisation and inspired learning of how their mind and brain works.

Which could help children reduce stress, anxiety and sadness and increase inner calm by teaching how to recognise, acknowledge, understand and respond to thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Free up time for teachers

Free up time for teachers by accessing a full lesson plan each term online. Each lesson has a learning objective and outcome via a lesson structure, full content including; lesson narrative, additional resources (videos, audios, slides and worksheets) plus variations for age appropriate learning and home practice. All the teacher needs to do is ‘one click’ to start the video to watch the lesson content unfold.

Designed by experts

Designed by experts for peace of mind that the content is well thought out, structured, accurate, impactful and consistent. Bringing decades of experience in the field of mindfulness and mindset together in one structured and simple approach.

Each Course includes 11 x 20 minute lessons, which takes the children on a journey through mindfulness and mindset techniques. Each lesson incorporates theory and understanding through video, audio and written instruction. Plus practical application through games, working in pairs, whole class discussion and home practice.

'Coaching 4 Kids by Kids'

Coaching 4 Kids by Kids’ is a unique, fun, informative and impactful communication strategy with proven success. Oscar, age 8, provides most of the verbal and visual communication. Peer mentoring has led to an increase in engagement in this subject.

Complete Solution

Complete solution for Primary Schools - online access, resources, guidance and support which is available for next day implementation. With appointment, confidentiality agreement, and payment you will gain immediate online access to share across the school.

Bespoke solutions for schools and nurseries

We understand that not all schools and nurseries have the same objectives, time, budgets or requirements. We deliver in-person enrichment workshops to 12-week courses, or support for the entire academic year. A MiniMe Mindfulness® Mindset Mentor will visit your school to deliver in person workshops for all children to experience and learn. Our structured 12-week course teaches Mindfulness and Mindset techniques in a fun, interactive and innovative way. Bespoke requirements can be arranged with the Mindset Mentor subject to availability.

School Clubs

Pre-School and Before/Lunchtime/After School Clubs - 45 minute in person sessions, coordinated, marketed and delivered by our network of Mindset Mentors across the UK. Booking and payment plus communication and coordination with parents provided. The sessions are fun and interactive with guided meditations (recorded by Oscar, Age 8 from our Coaching 4 Kids by Kids programme), stories, props and games. We teach a new ‘Super Power’ that can be used straight away in each lesson. Enquire for availability in your local area.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training - Ongoing support and information - the MiniMe Mindfulness® Team host a LIVE 40 minute webinar each half term to support the school and teachers. Sharing the content that is coming up that half term in the ‘one click’ lessons, offering updates, sharing best practices and answering questions put forward by the teachers. A recording of the training is made available for those unable to attend.

Online 'One Click' Curriculum Lessons

School Portal - A complete solution for primary schools - allowing teachers online access to all ‘one click’ lessons, taught by Oscar in our ‘Coaching 4 Kids by Kids Programme’ plus all resources, ongoing teacher training and support by MiniMe Mindfulness® for your entire school community.

“Teaching children mindfulness and mindset techniques is as important as teaching children to read and write.

We have rolled decades of experience and knowledge into fun and innovative sessions, using our unique ‘Coaching 4 Kids by Kids’ meditations. We ensure that children have fun and leave each session with a brand new superpower that they can use straight away.”

— Tessa Hawes, Founder MiniMe Mindfulness®

Coaching 4 Kids by Kids.

Whether we are supporting your school or nursery to teach children Mindfulness and Mindset Superpowers online or in-person, our resident Meditation Coaches - Oscar & Annie will always guide the meditations.

This increases engagement and enjoyment of meditations significantly as children are being mentored by a peer - a voice that is the same as theirs.

Oscar is the Founder of our ‘Coaching4Kids by Kids’ programme and we have a suite of meditations from age 8 all the way up to age 11. Perfect for KS1 & KS2.

Annie joined our meditation team in 2023, age 5 and guides meditations for EYFS & KS1.

A sample of their meditations is available for your listening pleasure!

In Person, Workshops, Courses & Clubs

Whole School Enrichment Workshops, Intervention Courses & Full Academic Year Support

Offering primary schools in person sessions from 1 day enrichment workshops with a MiniMe Mindfulness® Mindset Mentor to a full and structured programme which can span 60 sessions - 2 academic years.

Taster sessions are available upon request* (typically a 30 minute sessions with 30 children).

Example day: 40-minute in-person lessons delivered by a Mindset Mentor, for maximum 30 children.

9:15 Reception

10:05 Year 1

10:55 Year 2

11:45 Year 3

12:25 Lunch

1:00 Year 4

1:45 Year 5

2:30 Year 6

3:15 Finish

During these sessions every child will learn positive mindfulness and mindset techniques in a fun and innovative way.

*Guide prices, subject to location and availability:

1 day workshop - £300* per day

1 day per week for 1 term £3,000*.

20 week course - 1 day per week for 20 weeks: £5,000*.

FREE VIP access to Boss Your Morning® - positive mindfulness and mindset coaching for entire teaching staff during the time that your school partners with MiniMe Mindfulness® on a course of 1 day per week for term or more.

Before/Lunchtime/After School Clubs

Funded by school or parents, our before/lunchtime/after school sessions allow for children to learn positive mIndfulness and mindset techniques in a fun and innovative way.

A 45 minute session for children before their lessons start, during the day or straight after school.

The school provides the Mindset Mentor with a classroom/hall/space and markets the club to parents within the school community.

MiniMe Mindfulness® will conduct the classes (ratios will apply) and can help with marketing, parent liaison and payment collection through our online system.

Typically the classes would be offered to cover each Key Stage:

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) – ages 3-5 (Pre-School and Reception)

Key Stage 1 – ages 5-7 (Years 1-2)

Key Stage 2 – ages 7-11 (Years 3-6)

Guide price: £5 - £7.50* per child per class payable in advance.

A MiniMe Mindfulness® journal can also be provided to continue the practice at home.

*All Prices are a guidelines only and bespoke packages can be negotiated based on requirements and budget. Subject to availability. See funding options below.

School Portal: On-line 'One-Click' Curriculum Lessons

Mindfulness Lessons

One term of online Mindfulness lessons delivered in the classroom by our 8 year old Mindset Mentor, Oscar via our online ‘one click’ lessons. Lesson objective, plan, outcome and additional resources provided.

11 lessons covering - meditations, senses, body, breath, emotions, brain science, being with unhelpful emotions and creating focus. Also respecting others, finding our happy place and recognising, managing and allowing our thoughts and feelings.

Creating self-awareness and building techniques to reduce stress and anxiety whilst building courage, resilience, happiness and so many skills to navigate through life.

All lessons are accessed via our online School Portal.

Includes ongoing support via LIVE Half Termly Teacher training - 40 minute Webinar and Q&A (recorded for access too).

Electronic feedback system at the end of the academic year.

Confidentiality agreement and full payment required before online access is granted.

Single point of contact for ongoing questions/queries.

Mindset Lessons

One term of online Mindset lessons delivered in the classroom by our 8 year old Mindset Mentor, Oscar via our online ‘one click’ lessons. Lesson objective, plan, outcome and additional resources provided.

Lessons focus on powerful mindset techniques such as gratitude, self talk, body language, visualisation, building courage, raising our self esteem, taking action, building and creating a growth mindset.

Learning to dream BIG and know that anything is possible with the right tools and mindset.

All lessons are available online via the School Portal.

Includes ongoing support via LIVE Teacher Webinar each half term (recorded too).

Electronic feedback system at the end of the academic year.

Confidentiality agreement and full payment required before online access is granted.

Single point of contact for ongoing questions/queries.

School Portal - for the Entire Academic Year

3 terms - Mindfulness and Mindset lessons and activities and resources.

Delivering all lessons across the academic year makes for a complete solution for Primary schools - EYFS, KS1 & KS2.

Combining Mindfulness and Mindset Techniques with MiniMe Mindfulness® builds valuable internal superpowers which children can use immediately and benefit from for life.

Each lesson is structured in the same way with a learning objective and outcome to create consistency and familiarity for both the teachers and the students.

In-Person Workshops, Courses, Pre-School and Before/Lunchtime/After School Clubs are also available - check availability for your location.

A reduction is available for bulk purchases of the MiniMe Mindfulness® Journal or a reduced single price is available for schools engaging in the Mindfulness and/or Mindset workshops/courses.

Access to the MiniMe Mindfulness® Parent Portal and Parent Community is also available to support parents.

MiniMe Mindfulness Mindfulness & Mindset 'One Click' Lessons for Schools - 3 Terms





School Portal Access, Price, Terms & Conditions - 3 terms of Mindfulness and Mindset Techniques On-line Lessons

  1. Select Annual / Monthly payment and click the ‘sign up’ button.

  1. Register and pay for immediate access to the Online School Portal. Payment confirms acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. You will receive confirmation that your account has been set up - if this does not arrive please contact us [email protected].

  1. We will contact you under separate cover to invite you and your team to the regular Teacher Training meetings - confirming dates and log in details.

  1. Share the log in details for the School Portal and Teacher Training to all members of staff within your school that will require access.

  1. You are forbidden to share the log in details with any other schools. If you are part of an Academy Trust, a separate membership is required for each of the schools within the trust. A breach of this confidentiality clause will result in immediate removal of membership access to the School Portal. Any fees paid are non refundable.

  2. All fees are non refundable.

  3. You may cancel your membership within 30 days of the subscription renewal date.

  4. Your annual membership will automatically renew unless we hear from you within the cancellation period.

  5. A monthly subscription is also available upon request to spread the cost across 12 payments.

Teacher Training

We understand that a huge amount of time is spent planning lesson content. Ensuring that lessons are engaging, informative and enjoyable.

MiniMe Mindfulness® are here to support the process every step of the way either in person or on-line:

An entire academic year (online) or 2 (our face to face programme spans up to 60 sessions) planned out for positive mindfulness and mindset techniques for EYFS, KS1 & KS2.

Lesson delivery available in ‘one click’ via our ‘Coaching 4 Kids by Kids’ programme or in person. Teachers and Assistants attend the in-person sessions to enable them to continue to coach the subject and embed the skills in the classroom.

Plus Teacher Training every half term - removing research, self education and lesson preparation time. Allowing access to a team of experts to support the children and staff as a complete whole school solution.

Support for teachers own mindfulness and mindset techniques via the ‘Boss Your Morning®’ App. This is FREE with our courses and includes daily coaching sessions to assist with teachers’ own positive mental health habits. On boarding the skills and techniques enables teachers to continue the positive mental health ripple effect’ in the classroom.

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